The Avocado Factory

Located amongst the beautiful rice fields of Canggu, The Avocado Factory is the very first avocado bar to be opened in South East Asia. Serving delicious and healthy dishes, every item on our menu features avocado in a variety of tantalizing and visually stunning creations.

At The Avocado Factory we believe that the path to happiness and greater health begins with what you choose to fuel your body with. Our menu is designed with creativity at heart and with your health in mind, as we strive to make every dish a tasty and well-balanced combination of nutrition and flavor.

We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients and pride ourselves in serving ‘real food’, using only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients.  We are also dedicated to making in-house as much as possible – our brioche buns are freshly baked every morning, we home roast our coffee beans, our kombucha is handcrafted by our head mixologist and the water we serve is filtered by reverse osmosis.

We are deeply committed to sustainability and social-responsibility in all we do – We work hands-in-hands with local avocado farmers, we are proudly 92% plastic free, use eco-friendly packaging and aim for zero waist.

This makes up for a unique culinary affair, inspired by our love for avocado and our passion to create memorable experiences for our customers.