Paintball Canggu in beautiful Bali, Indonesia is a very special field. It gives you the real bali feeling but still is a professional paintball field, designed in a way to have the most possible fun. With our 5000m² are we not only the biggest field in Bali, but also the only field that offers you a variety of themes to play on.

We have made a bamboo village with 2 and even 3 floor buildings, we made a marine field as well as a jungle field and many more, you can find our field here.

Besides all that do we have incredible realistic and durable guns. Shooting these guns will make you feel that you actually shoot with a real gun instead of a paintball gun. Find our guns here.

With the people we have on board (Oliver Lang, former world champion in Paintball) and the love we put into our field, are we sure that you will have a kickass time. Please give us a call or send us a email if you would like to book our field.