AMO Spa Canggu celebrates a love of beauty combined with the worship of nature. Indulge both body and soul on a personal journey through healthy food with the finest home grown produce and beauty treatments using scrubs with natural products which are also made in house from AMO’s own roof-top garden. Experience the sensational tastes of the café and stunning results of the spa treatments, following the produce from garden to plate or treatment.

Inspired by neo-pagan ideology and the power of nature, AMO Canggu offers an unrivalled experience. Step through the doors into the best café in Canggu, where a range of cold press juices, teas and Go Green coffee as well as delicious salads are waiting to tempt your taste buds and enhance your health. Check in at reception, where you’ll also see 1000 shades of nail polish – just one of the things that makes our nail salon Canggu stand out from the crowd. Revitalise yourself in the steam room, sauna and ice plunge pools as well as the Epsom salts hot salt bath.

On the first floor, you’ll be welcomed to our Social Spa, an area where custom engineered scrub beds, each with its own cleansing station. With our bar serving a full range of signature cocktails right beside you, this is the perfect place for a social experience; relax and be pampered with friends. Step through to the high performance treatment area and delight in AMO’s simultaneous treatment philosophy where up to four therapists will provide you with the perfect mani, pedi and cream bath. Indulge yourself in the serenity of the massage rooms, and enjoy one of AMO’s specially designed massages.

You may be thinking of coming for a single treatment, but take the time to indulge and luxuriate in all that AMO has to offer as you travel through their gracefully refined world of fine food, health and beauty. If you’re arriving on an early flight, or leaving the island late and night, come and spend your day with us at AMO Canggu, and start or finish your holiday in the best way possible.