Socialista lifestyle hostel offers each guest an experience they will not forget. At Socialista we love to party but we also love to give back to the community. From partnerships with luxurious beach clubs and music art festivals all the way down to orphanage visits and beach clean ups. These acts of giving back do not go unnoticed! We offer free shots and 20% off your next nights stay if you do the beach clean up. With the orphanage I assure you that the big smiles you put on the children’s faces will be even more rewarding. Although the activities outside the hostel are super fun, we do love to show off our beautiful home. This includes pool games, drinking games, movie nights and DJ night every Saturday! We also host a live music night with amazing musicians where guests are welcome to take part of the singing and if not…just enjoy the show J. Our policy is: happy staff makes happy customers. That means we do a lot for creating a comfortable working atmosphere for our staff and you can feel the family vibe when you arrive immediately.  Check it out and become part of the Socialista Family <3