About El Merkat

El Merkat’s name is a nod to the Spanish ‘El Mercat de la Boqueria’, a market that specializes in top quality, fresh and local ingredients. This forms not just the namesake but also our culinary philosophy. We take this element seriously, using our expertise in Bali’s hospitality scene to craft dishes of high standards at the very best market price.

Our venue features a spacious outdoor and indoor dining area with an upstairs space ideal for meetings or gatherings of any sort. The decor is mainly Mediterranean with blue and white-washed colours, and timber finishes. This relaxing ambience is completed with the backdrop of the Barcelona skyline and the Sagrada Familia cathedral at the main dining area, bringing you the sense of dining in the heart of the historic city.

Let us also indulge you with a versatile selection of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings. Start your day with our free range Breakfast Huevos accompanied with our signature blend coffee, have a lovely lunch and dinner with our Spanish heritage dishes or Asian inspired cuisines. All that complete with a glass (or two) of our selected wine to end the perfect day of your culinary experience.