A guide to eating like a local in Bali

Save some dollars and enjoy some delicious street eats minus the Bali belly

1. Bakso Solo Samrat Kuta

I am hooked! I am not too crazy with Bakso (meatball in Indonesian), but this Bakso Solo Samrat is an exception! My favorite is the Bakso Urat and the soup! The soup itself so tasty.

2. Nasi Campur Men Weti Sanur

This stall makes excellent Nasi Campur, which is white rice mixed with with meats, vegetables, peanuts, eggs, and more! So gooodd!

3. Nasi Bu Sret Sret

Balinese taste suckling pig. Good foods, services and reasonable price. Less oily than usual nasi campur. and all elements tasted fresh.

4. Warung Cahaya

Make sure to get in before they run out of food! You can check their IG to make sure they’re open. The sambal is really spicy and fragrant,  it’s really perfect combined with the fried pork.

5. Kare Ayam 8’south

For anyone of you who really love chicken curry with a spicy taste, you can grab some here. It is delicious with affordable price. This place is quite crowded and you have to queue sometimes and just open at night.

Have a question about Bali?

Have a question about Bali?